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Welcome to the internet information page relating to Jive and Swing of Paul Harris Dance Teacher and one of the World's leading Choreographers.


The definitive 1983 technique of Rock'n'Roll Dancing. All photographic illustrations, including cover, feature: Paul Harris and Angela Zeal.

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Paul Harris is a leading authority on all forms of Jive, Swing and related dances inluding West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll as well as Jive and Swing. Having danced Jive in one or other form, for over 40 years, he has choreographed scenes containing Jive and Swing dance in major movies, television programmes and plays. 
Paul Harris is the author of the syllabus course guide in 19th and 20th Century Social Dance for the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing (UKA), of which he is a Director.
The UKA are the only British Dance Council body to conduct examinations in Modern Jive (Le Roc) and the Le Roc French Jive Federation are an affiliate organisation of the UKA.
Paul is founder Fellow of the pioneering Club Dance division of the UKA - specifically designed to create opportunities for teachers of contemporary dance styles such as Modern Jive and traditional vintage styles such as Lindy Hop.
Paul was a Dance Director of the famous Fred Astaire chain of dance schools in the United States of America and he also he taught for the Arthur Murray chain in London in the early 1980's, where he first learned West Coast Swing.
East Coast Swing, Modern Jive, Ballroom Jive, authentic Rock n Roll and Lindy Hop are all dances taught by Paul Harris and he has taught dancing to both Professionals and the public alike since 1982. He was the main dance teacher in the dance episode of 'Faking It' in which one of the test dances was Jive. He has apperared as guest expert in Jive and Swing, on television programmes both in the UK and in Asia.

In 1983, Derek Young produced his famous book 'The Technique of Rock n Roll Dancing' which is used by most dance teaching organisations worldwide and is still on sale today - Paul Harris (with his then partner Anglea Zeal) provided the extensive photographic illustrations, including the cover, which have stood the test of time as clear examples of how to execute moves in one form of Jiving.



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