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Welcome to the internet information page relating to the contribution of Paul Harris, to the development of Salsa in the UK.


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Paul Harris is one the World's leading Choreographers, dance teachers and Movement Directors, having choreographed many major movies, televisio productions and theatre shows. He has played a pivotal role in the history of Salsa in the UK by writing the first notation of Salsa dance to be accepted by a British Dance Council teaching organisation -facilitating Salsa dance teachers having access to a Professional teaching qualification.
His  definitive technique book was written in 1998, was first used by the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing (UKA) for their (then) new Club Dance Faculty. It was published commercially as 'Salsa and Merengue - The Essential Step by Step Guide' in 1999 and has subsequently been adopted by the National Association of teachers of Dancing (NATD), the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD) and recently the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).
Paul Harris, Nelson Batista, Elder Sanchez, Xhiomara Granados and Ansell Chezan, were the first dance teachers ever to be awarded honorary Fellowships (by the UKA), for their contribution to the development of Salsa and they organised the first British Salsa Dance Championships to be recognised by the British Dance Council in 1999, with the eventual winners and runners up, representing Great Britain at the IDO World Salsa Championhips in Miami. 

Having trained with the great Doris Lavelle in authentic Cuban dance from the mid 1970's until 1983, Paul Harris was formerly the UK and European Latin American Champion. He was the main dance teacher in the dance episode of 'Faking It' and has been interviewed as a leading authority on Salsa dance on televison in the UK by Gloria Hunniford (Open House) Lorraine Kelly (GMTV), Paul Crone (Granada) and also on tv in the Philippines, Indonesia and Aruba. Paul Harris was the British Dance Council representative to the International Dance Organisation for 10 years, ensuring the continued development of Salsa as a bona fide dance form.



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