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Welcome to the internet information page relating to Swing Dance of Paul Harris, one of the UK's leading choreographers, dance teachers and movement directors.


Swing Out
American Embassy 4th July Celebrations
Choreographed by Paul Harris

Paul Harris is the author of the syllabus of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing, in 19th & 20th Century Social Dance and is a leading expert in the great dances of the Swing era: Jive, Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Boogie Woogie - through to Rock n Roll.
He is a Founder Fellow of the UKA's Club Dance Division, which facilitates teachers of dance styles such as Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing and Modern Jive, achieving a recognised qualification with a British Dance Council teaching organisation.

Paul taught for the famous 'Arthur Murray Dance Studio' and he was Dance Director of the 'Fred Astaire Studio' in Philadelphia USA. He was also the main dance teacher in the 'Kick Boxer to Dancer' episode of the BAFTA Award winning 'Faking It' - in which one of the test dances for the Faker, was Jive !

He has choreographed film and television produtions featuring Jive and Swing Dance including 'Poirot' starring David Suchet and 'A Touch of Frost' starring David Jason and he has choreographed numerous plays featuring Swing era dances including 'Picnic', 'Erpingham Camp', 'Comic Potential' and 'A Family Affair' starring Rick Mayall. He is also the Choreographer of the show 'Swing Out', which has been in the repetoire of his dance company, London Theatre of Ballroom, since 1996. 'Swing out' recieved critical acclaim from both London and National press during their nine month run the Cafe de Paris and was specifically booked for the July 4th celebrations at Winfield House, the US Ambassadors London residence.

Paul Harris has appeared as a guest Swing Dance expert on television programmes both in the UK and Internationally, including the BBC's 11th Hour, Granada Reports and Good Morning Phlippines.
He is the representative of the British Dance Council to the International Dance Organisation, the World governing body for dance competitions in Swing, Blues and Bug.


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